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  • Colored Masonry Cement Type-N
  • Colored Masonry Cement Type-S
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Colored Masonry Cements by WORKRITE® Cements

WORKRITE® Colored Masonry Cement is produced using Portland cement, limestone, iron oxide pigments and other materials to produce a variety of colored mortar products. Each formula is created with the utmost care and consideration to ensure that the integrity of the mortar product conforms to ASTM requirements and the standards of the masonry industry. Both Types are used to make masonry mortar when mixed with mason sand and water.

Type-N: A general purpose cement that is formulated for veneer, load-bearing, and soft stone masonry construction.

Type-S: A higher strength cement than Type-N, Type-S cement is formulated for veneer and load-bearing construction.

Download the WORKRITE® Product Portfolio to view available colors. Custom colors can be manufactured by special order.

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